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Who we are

Established in 2001, the Civil Aviation Academy Australasia Pty Ltd (CAAA) has been committed to providing comprehensive training and consultancy services to the aviation and related industries. Based in Western Australia, we extend our services not only across Australia but also to clients globally.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted us to reimagine our approach to business. In response to travel restrictions, we transitioned seamlessly to web-based formats, prioritising online training. Now, our courses are accessible 24/7 through our website order system, offering you flexibility in learning. Whether through our online platform or through traditional means, our dedicated team, led by Andy, is here to assist you.

In recognising the evolving needs of our clients, especially in the wake of CASA legislative changes in December 2021, we expanded our consultancy services. Our goal is to help operators rebuild their operations, navigate compliance intricacies, and stay abreast of the latest industry standards.

Visit our consultancy page for detailed information on how we can assist you in achieving ongoing compliance, developing necessary manuals, or conducting progress checks. For additional assistance, you can reach out to Andy at (08) 6180 7939 or andy@caaa.com.au.

Training courses

At CAAA, we take pride in offering aviation courses approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) that not only meet IATA requirements but also exceed industry best practices. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous crafting of each course, incorporating the latest information and guidelines.

What sets us apart is our personalised approach. Unlike other training providers, we hand-mark all course assessments, providing individualised feedback. This ensures a higher level of competency upon course completion. Additionally, our courses don’t require ongoing internet access, catering to clients operating in remote areas.

Explore our specialty courses, including Dangerous Goods Awareness, Acceptance of Non-Dangerous Goods, Safe Transport of Infectious Substances by Air (Shippers Training), and Crew Resource Management (CRM).

Consultancy and compliance

In 2022, we undertook a significant expansion to offer tailored compliance and consultancy services. Led by our CEO Sue-anne, our team is adept at interpreting legislation and developing client-specific compliance programs. We work closely with businesses, offering subject matter expertise to resolve compliance needs seamlessly and efficiently.

For further details on our consultancy services, feel free to contact Andy at (08) 6180 7939 or andy@caaa.com.au.

Join us on our journey of innovation and commitment to excellence in aviation training and consultancy. At CAAA, we are not just a service provider; we are your partners in achieving and exceeding aviation standards.

Social media

Our social media campaign, shared news and aviation history post commenced in 2022. 

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Who is who at the Civil Aviation Academy

The key members of our team:


Meet Sue-anne, the visionary founder of the Civil Aviation Academy, paving the way for excellence since 2001. With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years in aviation, academic leadership, flight instruction, and various aviation management roles, Sue-anne is a true achiever in the field.

Sue-anne’s expertise extends across safety management systems, audit procedures, regulatory application, strategic planning, and mentorship, allowing her to engage with our clients in a diverse range of specialist areas. As a seasoned lecturer, business and general manager, and commercial pilot, Sue-anne brings a unique blend of knowledge and practical insight to the aviation industry. Specialising in safety management systems, compliance, operations manual development, strategic planning, and human factors training, she remains at the forefront of current aviation operations, consistently immersed in the dynamic landscape.

Her passion for aviation is palpable, evident in her dedicated work with individuals in both formal and informal mentoring capacities over the years.

Sue-anne’s ability to foster rapport and trust shines through in her role as a consultant to the industry.

In her multifaceted role, Sue-anne conducts audits, spearheads operational manual development, and crafts strategic plans for air operators (fixed and rotary wing), maintenance facilities, and aerodrome management organisations. Notably, she serves as our CASA approved dangerous goods training manager and specialist.

Sue-anne has a Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes), Grade 1 Flight Instructor Rating, and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating. Her credentials speak volumes. Her previous roles as a Chief Pilot, Chief Flying Instructor, and Approved Testing Officer with CASA underscore her authority and competence in the aviation industry.

Sue-anne’s commitment extends beyond aviation, reflecting her diverse interests and meaningful engagements. For a deeper insight into Sue-anne’s contributions, both professionally and personally, including her dedication to community volunteering, explore her LinkedIn profile.


Meet Phil, the vibrant facilitator and director of the Civil Aviation Academy, whose aviation journey began in 1961 with the RAAF Air Training Corps. From those early days, Phil has soared to great heights, both figuratively and literally.

Embarking on flight training in 1961, Phil swiftly qualified as a commercial pilot, making his mark with MacRobertson Miller Airlines (MMA) on the iconic DC-3 in 1967. His trajectory in aviation saw him transition from the DC-3 to the F-27, eventually landing him in the cockpit of the F-28, where he achieved command status in 1980. For a decade, from WA to the NT and QLD, Phil navigated the skies before venturing overseas. In 1990, he took on the role of an F-28 captain in France, followed by a stint with Sabena in Belgium.

Phil’s international journey continued with Singapore Airlines in the mid-1990s, where he served as a Learjet check and trainer before seamlessly transitioning to a similar role on the Airbus 310 for several years. Returning to Australia in 2004, Phil continued his aviation journey, taking on roles such as an F-100 simulator trainer for Skywest Airlines and part-time flying of Learjets.

Even in retirement from active flying, Phil’s passion for aviation remains undiminished. Part-time with the CAAA, he imparts his wealth of knowledge in human factors and training, serving as one of our approved assessors.

Phil now dedicates his time to various community endeavors. A proud volunteer at the local Men’s Shed, committee member of the Farmer’s Market, and an active presence in the Lions Club and Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades since the 1980s, Phil is deeply ingrained in community service. Not one to rest, when not marking courses, you’ll find Phil at the local Toodyay Museum, contributing his expertise and enthusiasm most weeks.

Phil’s journey is not just a flight through aviation history; it’s a testament to a life lived with passion, dedication, and a commitment to giving back to the community.


Meet Andy, the heart of our team at the Civil Aviation Academy, bringing over a decade of dedicated service in administration and accounts. As our main office contact, Andy handles all enquiries, orders, invoicing, and general questions with a genuine passion for organisational excellence and personal interaction.

Andy’s journey to the world of aviation administration is unique and enriching. With over 20 years of experience in veterinarian science, she served as a veterinary nurse and clinic manager before joining our dynamic team. Her extensive background equips her with a deep understanding of complexities and challenges, making her adept at problem-solving for our clients.

In the realm of office management, Andy’s enthusiasm shines through. Beyond the formalities of business, she takes pleasure in catching up with our clients, sharing the latest news, and establishing a personal connection before delving into the core of matters.

Away from the office, Andy extends her compassion to volunteer work for Guide Dogs WA, where she assumes the role of a dedicated puppy raiser. These special pups, an integral part of her daily work routine, add joy to meetings (often featuring a cozy nap) and bring a delightful energy to the team. You can catch glimpses of these adorable moments on our social media sites.

Andy’s commitment to excellence, coupled with her warm and friendly demeanor, makes her an invaluable asset to our team and a delightful point of contact for all your needs at the Civil Aviation Academy.


Introducing Lisa Ikin, the creative force behind our marketing initiatives at the Civil Aviation Academy. As our marketing specialist, social media expert, and newsletter curator, Lisa brings a wealth of experience from her days as a freelance copywriter, crafting compelling content for small to medium businesses.

Hailing from Perth, Lisa infuses her expertise into our operations, spearheading innovative marketing strategies, overseeing brand management, and orchestrating dynamic social media campaigns for the CAAA. Her keen eye for detail and passion for effective communication set the stage for our vibrant online presence.

Beyond her role with us, Lisa wears another hat as a part-time Primary School Teacher and University Supervisor. Her dedication to education is evident not only in the classroom but also in her ability to seamlessly integrate her teaching skills into the realm of marketing.

Lisa’s multifaceted talents make her an invaluable asset to our team. Whether she’s crafting engaging content or shaping the narrative of our brand, Lisa’s commitment to excellence shines through, leaving an indelible mark on the success of the Civil Aviation Academy.

Why choose us for your training?

Over 20 years’ experience in providing CASA approved training, compliance solutions and operations manual development.