With changes to the international and federal legislation occurring on a regular basis, we know there are questions that arise during the undertaking of our courses. You may also not be spending as much time studying as perhaps you once did, and this can and does need some help – that is what we are here for.

Our free webinars (via TEAMs or ZOOM) aim to answer your questions and arm you with the right information to not only undertake the assessment for your course but also provide you with the right practical application of that knowledge.

Webinars are held on demand for all of our courses of training. You can pre-send your queries and questions or simply contact us to book time with one of our facilitators.

You are welcome to log in to the meeting as an individual or get a work group together to view the Webinar.

Please contact our office on (08) 6180 7939 or contact Andy via email at andy@caaa.com.au

Over 20 years’ experience in providing CASA approved training, compliance solutions and operations manual development.