Objective Collaborative Compliant Specific Solutions.

At the Civil Aviation Academy, we are experienced aviation consultants who are recognised for their thoughtful leadership and innovative solutions to a wide range of individual and corporate matters. Being an independent organisation with no other affiliations we offer an unbiased and objective perspective to our clients.

Typical projects include:
  • safety and risk management
  • gap analysis for compliance determination
  • operations manual development and amendment
  • specific training development and delivery
  • pre/post audit support.
We can tailor projects to suit your individual needs in navigating CASA’s regulatory framework. Our team work daily in interpreting and explaining the legislative framework specifically working with operators to align with civil aviation safety legislation. Our team can work with you to ensure compliance now and ongoing to meet current and amended legislation, regulations and exemptions. We can work remotely to solve unique problems or combine with your team for an effective result. Our areas of specialty work include:

 Exposition and operations manual development including but not limited to:
  • Part 121 of CASR – air transport operations – larger aeroplanes
  • Part 135 of CASR – air transport operations – smaller aeroplanes
  • Part 133 of CASR – air transport operations – rotorcraft
  • Part 141 of CASR – recreational, private and commercial flight training (other than certain integrated training courses)
  • Part 142 of CASR – integrated and multi-crew pilot flight training (including contracted recurrent training and checking)
  • Part 131 of CASR – balloons and hot air airships
 Specific manual and procedural development relating to:
  • Part 91 of CASR – general operating and flight rules
  • Part 119 of CASR – air transport operators – certification management (including standalone safety management systems).
All exposition and operations manual development includes reference to required legislative/non-legislative instruments, civil aviation regulations, exemptions, manuals of standard (MOS), advisory circulars (ACs) and any acceptable means of compliance and guidance materials (AMC/GM) as is required.

Our extensive experience in the aviation industry and training development enables us to provide tailored solutions, and professional delivery. Clients prefer our service because they value objective, independent, personalised advice.

Our clients include business aviation, aircraft operators, mining operations, maintenance, airports, government regulators and policy makers in both existing and start up organisations. We pride ourselves on our dedicated aviation expertise and are passionate about increasing safety and efficiency through personalised service and best practice.

All our consultancy and training package development is tailored to your needs so contact us to discuss further.

We look forward to working with you.

Over 20 years’ experience in providing CASA approved training, compliance solutions and operations manual development.