Self-Adhesive Labels

We are a supplier of self-adhesive dangerous goods labels for all your packing and shipping needs. Dangerous goods class labels are a requirement for Dangerous Goods shipping and transport.

Our labels for dangerous goods include everything you need to identify hazards and ensure correct handling of your package.

These IATA and hazard labels are essential for workplace health and safety compliance and dangerous goods handling regulations compliance and safety in Australia and overseas. All our labels comply with the strictest DG regulation standards.

Available labels:
  • Class 2.2. Non-Flammable Non-Toxic Gas Hazard Label
  • Class 6.2 Infectious Substance Hazard Label
  • Class 9 Miscellaneous Hazard Label
  • UN 3373 Label
  • ‘This Way Up’ Arrows – Package Orientation Label
  • ‘Cryogenic Liquid’ Label
  • ‘Cargo Aircraft Only’ Label
  • Shipper’s Declaration forms, DG Pads (100 forms)
  • Class 3 Flammable Liquids Label
  • Class 8 Corrosive Label
  • Dangerous Goods Orange and Black Label
  • Excepted Quantities Label
  • Limited Quantities Label (with Y)
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Shipper’s Declaration Pads (100 Forms)
The signed documentation that accompanies your dangerous goods package is to be completed by an employee who is then legally responsible for that shipment. You need to ensure your dangerous goods packaging, inner packaging, DG labelling and documents comply with Australian and International regulations and standards.

It’s Dangerous Goods don’t risk noncompliance.