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Media Release – Sky Careers Institute


The Civil Aviation Academy is thrilled to announce our pivotal role in implementing and delivering the Women in the Aviation Industry Strategic Action Plan for 2024-2026. This significant partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and participation within the aviation sector. It builds on the momentum achieved by releasing our Sky Careers initiative for students in March 2024.

The Sky Careers Institute, co-founded by Sue-anne Munckton (CAAA CEO and Sky Careers Director) and Mark Hodgson (Sky Careers Director), is a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to empowering women in aviation in their careers.

Sue-anne Munckton (CAAA CEO and Sky Careers Director) and Mark Hodgson (Sky Careers Director)

Sky Careers Institute is a vibrant, online centre of learning and connection accessible to everyone in aviation, whether they work at a capital city gateway airport like Melbourne or Learmonth in WA, a small regional airport for FIFO workers. Our approach helps underrepresented groups in regional and remote areas by connecting them with the larger aviation community and world-class learning. Additionally, whilst the Sky Careers Institute’s delivery is predominantly online, our live events and ambassador initiative, which involves experienced professionals in the industry serving as mentors and role models, will create local face-to-face connections that help identify needs and opportunities at a regional level.

The institute is structured into three tiers—Sky Careers Leadership, Sky Careers Connect, and Sky Careers Australia—providing robust and comprehensive support from awareness to career advancement. The Sky Careers Institute is poised to create lasting change in the aviation industry, promoting inclusivity and breaking down barriers for women across Australia.

“This initiative is vital in fostering a positive cultural shift and ensuring that aviation becomes an attractive and inclusive field for all,” said Sue-anne Munckton. “Despite the broad range of aviation roles available, gender disparity remains prevalent. To address this, Sky Careers Institute offers an online learning and connection platform accessible to everyone at all stages of their careers.”

“Our learning modules will cultivate knowledge and increase awareness in career development, communication, personal branding, leadership, mental and physical health, diversity, technology, risk, and change management. Our guest speaker program showcases accomplished leaders who will offer insights that inspire participants to achieve their full career potential, fostering a dynamic learning environment. We’re excited to facilitate these sessions twice monthly and provide long-term resources.”

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Click here to view the media release from The Hon Catherine King MP, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government announcement – https://minister.infrastructure.gov.au/c-king/media-release/albanese-government-backs-women-aviation

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