Crew Resource Management (Paper Copy)


Crew Resource Management (CRM) or Aviation Decision Making (ADM) is a set of training procedures, knowledge and ‘toolkit items’ for use in environments where human error and latent conditions in our operating environemnt can have devastating effects. With the primary aim of improving aviation safety, CRM/ADM focuses on interpersonal communication, leadership, risk management and decision making in the cockpit, cabin and on the ground, relevant to the organisational operations of all air operators.


Our CRM/ADM course is elastic and follows important and relevant lines of discussion. Topics, activities and discussions are brought in by our facilitators to ensure the course remains dynamic for those attending our classroom tutorial sessions or are reading on their own through our course material.

The course is not designed to only address cockpit issues and scenarios. The team is the focus and our activities and case studies reflect the complete team and do not focus only on one professional culture within the organisation.

Courses are issued in a variety of formats. Your organisation can elect to either standardise the format for all employees or simply list the format required when placing your order.
The correspondence course includes:

  • The full colour Course Workbook and set of Review Questions;
  • Facilitator assistance whilst completing the course including free Webinar access; and
  • Certificate of Currency upon completion of the course plus a Feedback Sheet on the answers to the Review Questions.

Formats available:

  • Via E-mail – Includes a workbook in PDF format and review questions in word format.
  • Hard copy full colour bound workbook (approx. 100 page and the review questions (course assessment).

The workbook will guide you to answer a series of questions at the end of each section. The review questions are open book and you are prompted to complete the sections of your assessment as you read through the workbook. It takes approximately 6-7 hours to complete the correspondence course. Whilst doing the course, if you have any queries, you can contact us by email or phone and your Facilitator will guide you through yours query.