Infectious Substances Regulations


Infectious Substances Regulations



Infectious Substances Regulations

We are now also providing the ‘Infectious Substances Regulations’. This document DOES NOT replace the requirement for a Shipper to have a copy of the full IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations but provides a smaller and more practical resource for shippers. We find many clients who only ever held one shared copy of the IATA DGRs then have the Guidelines available in separate locations to assist their shippers. The ISSG is the complete, plain language guide to transporting any sort of infectious substance (including Biological Substances Cat B) quickly and safely. In the case of laboratory tests, delays due to shipping problems could mean a delay to initiating the necessary public health response or identifying the treatment required for a patient. The ISSG contains documentation and packaging examples, checklists for every step of the process and shipping regulations for air, sea, road, rail, courier and the postal service.

If you are ordering the ‘E’ version this is only downloadable on one device and is not able to be accessed through a company intranet.


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