Release of the first Edition of the Guidance Document for Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Logistics and Distribution


Hello Everyone,

IATA released the first Edition of the “Guidance for Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Logistics and Distribution” document (attached here for you and the extract) on the IATA website (this is the link to the provided documents) and press release, available here. This was issued Nov 16th, 2020.

This document provides a set of considerations and awareness on large scale handling, transport and distribution of vaccines, pharmaceutical, life science and medical products and how the airfreight industry, government and authorities can best prepare themselves. It identifies how existing procedures can be efficiently adapted to ensure the fast and safe movement of products using a risk-based approach.

This document will be subject to regular review and revision as additional information and best practices are made available by the various stakeholders. Changes are expected again within the next 2 weeks – so keep up to date by either following us on Facebook or watching our blog on our website. We will also endeavor to send as many of these updates via email as possible and practicable.

We are expecting further comments from international organizations that will be included in Edition 2.

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