Sending Nana a Gift of Perfume for Christmas


Choosing the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one involves not only selecting a delightful fragrance but also considering the intricate process of transporting perfumes. Perfumes, a popular choice for festive gifting, are not only composed of alluring scents but also contain a significant amount of alcohol, making their transportation a task that requires special attention.

Perfumes typically consist of a blend of fragrances, essential oils, and a crucial ingredient: alcohol. However, this alcohol content, exceeding 24% by volume in most perfumes, poses a flammable risk during transportation. To ensure the safe delivery of these aromatic treasures, national and international regulations, such as the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, categorise perfumes as potentially hazardous materials.

The primary risks associated with transporting perfumes include the potential for fires or explosions. The highly flammable nature of alcohol in perfumes means that exposure to heat or an encounter with a spark could lead to ignition, resulting in a fire or even an explosion. Moreover, the risk of spills poses a threat to both people and the environment. Damaged or punctured perfume bottles can leak, causing potential harm and difficulties in cleanup.

To mitigate these risks, proper packing and labelling for transport are essential. Perfumes must be stored in a manner that shields them from heat and ignition sources while being kept away from other dangerous goods. Comprehensive training for employees involved in the transportation process is also imperative, ensuring they are aware of potential risks and equipped to respond in case of accidents or spills.

Will Australia Post accept your festive gift for nana?

Australia Post will not accept the following items in the post:

  • Flammable liquids like nail polish, paint or perfume
  • Flammable solids like safety matches or self-heating items such as instant meals, with packaging that contains a solid flammable substance that can self-combust
  • Aerosols such as butane cigarette lighters
  • Explosives like flares, fireworks or ammunition
  • Corrosives such as batteries. 

So how do you get your precious gift to nana this Christmas?

Other than changing your mind and sending her a gift voucher to purchase her favourite scent locally or perhaps electing for a good book instead, you will need to contact your local courier company and speak with them as to your options. And think quick as your gift may be going by road or ship instead!

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