Shippers of dangerous goods and air operators – changes to the Australia Post Prohibited and Restricted Items List


As of May 22, 2024, the Australia Post Office has implemented updates to its Prohibited and Restricted Item List.

prohibited-restricted-item-list-packaging-guide.pdf (

These changes have prompted us to review and adjust our course content to ensure compliance with the updated guidelines. While we’ve taken steps to align our curriculum with these regulations, we urge you to independently verify the new restrictions directly from the Australia Post Office and how them may impact your own procedures and operations.

Any queries as to the changes, as always we are happy to assist, contact our DG Training Manager, Sue-anne at

A note for our shipping clients

For those clients who ship biological samples and specimens please be aware that Australia Post has further limited the items that may be sent by mail.

Of note are the following:

  • Biosecurity controlled items e.g. animal reproductive material, meat, offal, fruit, eggs, bees wax etc. – see page 13 of the document.
  • Live organisms – see page 18 of the document.
  • Patient specimens and biological specimens – NOTE: Biological specimens, category B may NOT be shipped by Australia Post – see page 9 and 21 of the document.

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