Sky Careers unveils its inspiring original artwork


Sky Careers: Transforming futures in aviation is a dynamic awareness and engagement-building initiative targeting girls aged 11 to 16 years in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

We believe early exposure to the multitudes of opportunities in the aviation industry will inspire more girls to consider aviation as a viable and exciting career path.

We emphasise that aviation roles cater to women of all abilities and offer multiple pathways, including on-the-job training, apprenticeships and Vocational Education and Training (VET).

We are delighted to introduce the captivating artwork of Paige Pryor, a talented self-taught artist from Whadjuk Boodja. With her contemporary style and deep cultural roots, Paige brings a unique perspective to her creations and her original work for Sky Careers.

Paige’s artwork is more than just visually stunning; it’s a reflection of the rich heritage and deep connection to the land that she embodies. Through her pieces, she shares stories of kaartdijin (knowledge) and the profound relationship between indigenous people and their surroundings.

We are thrilled to feature Paige’s artwork on our website, social media channels, and print materials.

The artwork tells the story of the Sky Careers aviation program through a rich tapestry of symbols and imagery deeply rooted in Aboriginal culture and storytelling.

At the center of the piece is a plane, representing the aviation program itself, soaring high above the land. Throughout the artwork are black and white ‘U’ symbols, representing the dedicated staff of Sky Careers. These symbols are adorned with tools, denoting the teachings and skills imparted by the program.

Above the ‘U’ symbols, white lines intersect, depicting the passing and sharing of knowledge within the program. These lines symbolise the interconnectedness of the Sky Careers community and the importance of learning from one another.

Pink circles with pathways link together, representing the journey of the program throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The kangaroo feet scattered throughout the artwork represent strength and resilience, both in the Sky Careers staff and the young girls who come through the program. Their presence serves as a reminder of the power and determination needed to succeed.

Blue circles and lines trace the journey through the program, from start to finish, illustrating the progression and growth experienced by participants along the way.

Native plants, depicted in vibrant colors, represent the land and its significance to Aboriginal culture. They serve as a reminder of the deep connection between the program and the land on which it operates.

Brown circles highlight the various opportunities provided by the Sky Careers program, showcasing the many number of diverse pathways available to participants.

Finally, yellow ‘U’ symbols represent the young girls themselves who participate in the program, gaining knowledge and skills for their future choices. These symbols shine brightly, symbolising the hope and potential of the program’s participants.

Together, these elements form a rich and intricate tapestry, telling the story of the Sky Careers program and the transformative impact it has on the lives of its participants and the communities it serves.

We are truly honored to have an original artwork designed specifically for Sky Careers, a testament to the dedication and creativity that propels our journey forward. This bespoke piece not only reflects our commitment to excellence but also serves as a symbol of the unique experiences and opportunities that define Sky Careers.

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