What’s new in the 2021 Dangerous Goods manuals?


The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGRs) are published every year – valid as of the 1st January. Addendums are also published throughout the calendar year. IATA has made it their mission to offer proper guidelines for DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations) for the longest time. 

Now is the time for another edition, the 62nd. All airline operators and shippers must catch up with these new regulations to safely transport hazardous items, especially by airplane. 

Also, every airline must note that it’s mandatory to abide by the new regulations starting 1st January 2021. 

The 62nd edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations incorporates all amendments made by the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel in developing the content of the 2021–2022 edition of the ICAO Technical Instructions.

The IATA 62nd Edition of DGR

2021 new set of Dangerous Goods Regulations by IATA. These are significant changes that include:

  • Inclusion of UN Numbers together with proper names for each shipment on the list of DGR. All these are in section 4.2. 
  • The revision of all IATA packaging instructions for DGR, including PI 965 and PI 970, for batteries or lithium cells. 
  • The revision on the proper way to assign PG to mixtures and corrosives. 
  • Changes in section 1.5 include adopting a new competency-based framework for dangerous goods. 
  • Section 4.4 addition of special provisions together with the amendment of existing special conditions. 
  • Add a new method for addressing solid medical waste, especially that has Category A infections substances-
  • The renumbering packing instructions PI for UN 3291 from PI 622 to 621

Make sure you are up to date, when its Dangerous Goods it is not worth the risk!

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