Transportation of COVID-19 Vaccines Requiring Large Quantities of Dry Ice


The attached Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO) provides information and recommendations for operators on safety issues relating to the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines by air, which may require larger than typical quantities of Dry Ice for preservation.

The document provides information and recommendations for operators and persons conducting operations which carry these COVID-19 vaccines on aircraft.

Operators must comply with the applicable regulations pertaining to the carriage of dangerous goods at all times when shipping the COVID-19 vaccines in Dry Ice.

Dry Ice continually sublimates (transitions directly from a solid to a gas) at temperatures higher than -78°C (-108.4°F). The risk associated with this is the gas produced is CO2 and will replace oxygen in the aircraft compartments. Cognitive function can be affected, and asphyxiation may occur to person operating in that space i.e. ground crews handling the containers.

Please refer to the SAFO for recommendations for all operators to reduce this risk to crews. There is also an attached fact sheet regarding Dry Ice at the back of the SAFO.

Should you wish to discuss this further or require any other information contact us at the Civil Aviation Academy and we will be happy to assist.