We are thrilled to unveil the launch of the Sky Careers website, marking a significant milestone in our journey!

www.skycareers.com.au With immense pride and gratitude, we acknowledge the tireless efforts of our incredible team whose dedication has made this achievement possible. At the heart of our initiative are the inspirational women who are our ‘real life, real story ambassadors.’ Their stories exemplify resilience, passion, and the power to make a difference. Through their journeys, … Read more

Shippers of dangerous goods and air operators – changes to the Australia Post Prohibited and Restricted Items List

As of May 22, 2024, the Australia Post Office has implemented updates to its Prohibited and Restricted Item List. prohibited-restricted-item-list-packaging-guide.pdf (auspost.com.au) These changes have prompted us to review and adjust our course content to ensure compliance with the updated guidelines. While we’ve taken steps to align our curriculum with these regulations, we urge you to … Read more